6th October 2019


What is the Flynn effect and what is its cause?

Based on the presence of the effect on nonverbal tests such as the Raven's Matrices, Flynn believes that the increase is actually an increase in abstract problem solving rather than intelligence. Again, several scholars point at the increase in culture-free tests as evidence against an educational cause.

In this regard, why is the Flynn Effect important?

Because an inmate may have received several IQ scores with different normative samples over time, whether to acknowledge the Flynn effect is a major bone of contention in the legal system. It is important because the normative base of the test directly influences the interpretation of the level of IQ.

What is the Flynn Effect AP Psychology?

The Flynn Effect: AP Psychology Crash Course. People change over time, and this is true for humanity's intelligence quotient testing scores. The Flynn Effect is the overall change of intelligence quotient, commonly known as IQ, scores over time in all peoples.

What is the difference between fluid and crystallized intelligence?

In summary, the psychologist Cattell suggested two different forms of intelligence. Fluid intelligence is defined as the ability to solve new problems, use logic in new situations, and identify patterns. In contrast, crystallized intelligence is defined as the ability to use learned knowledge and experience.
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