30th June 2020


What is the fastest growing health and wellness?

Le-Vel is the fastest growing health and wellness movement in North America.

Just so, is the health and wellness industry growing?

Workplace wellness is a $48 billion market in 2017, projected to grow to $66 billion in 2022. The sector has been growing by 4.8 percent annually from 2015–2017.

Secondly, how big is the health and wellness industry?

Wellness Now a $4.2 Trillion Global Industry – with 12.8% Growth from 2015-2017
Market Size (US$ billions)Average Annual Growth Rate
Healthy Eating, Nutrition, & Weight Loss$647.84.1%
Wellness Tourism$563.26.5%
Fitness & Mind-Body$542.04.8%
Preventive & Personalized Medicine and Public Health$534.33.7%

How much money does the healthcare industry make a year?

National Health Expenditures 2017 Highlights
U.S. health care spending increased 3.9 percent to reach $3.5 trillion, or $10,739 per person in 2017.

How much do Americans spend on wellness?

The study surveyed 1,350 US adults aged 18 to 65 and found that the average American spends $155 per month on their health and fitness, that's $112,000 in their entire lifetime, and $13,000 more than a public four year college education which averages about $98,440.
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