What is the difference between uplink and downlink?

The communication going from a satellite to ground is called downlink, and when it is going from ground to a satellite it is called uplink. When an uplink is being received by the spacecraft at the same time a downlink is being received by Earth, the communication is called two-way.

Can you use a transponder in another car?

Yes, you may transfer a transponder between vehicles as long as they are of the same vehicle class. There are penalties for using a transponder in a different vehicle class (i.e. Car transponder in a tractor- trailer.) Please be sure that all vehicles using the transponder are listed on your EZ Pass account.
  • How much does it cost to get a fast track?

    Everyone: $40-$50 start-up balance in FasTrak account. Carpool drivers: Will not be charged a toll to drive. Solo drivers: Will be charged between $0.25 and $1.40 per mile. The Daily News reports: "The solo trip on the 110 lanes will cost on average between $4 and $7 and a maximum of $15.40 from end to end."
  • Where do I put my fastrak?

    Special Windshields.
    1. Choose where to mount the toll tag inside your windshield. See the illustration.
    2. Clean the glass on the inside of your windshield for the placement area.
    3. Remove the plastic tape from the Velcro mounting strips on the toll tag.
    4. Position and firmly press the toll tag against the glass.
  • How do I return my EZ Pass NJ?

    Please do not return your tag to the address printed on the tag. Send your tag(s) to the New Jersey E-ZPass Customer Service Center, P.O. Box 52003, Newark, NJ 07101-8203. When your tag is received in good condition, we will refund your tag deposit, if applicable, plus any unused toll balance, generally within 30 days.

How does a transponder work?

This device is placed on the inside of the car's windshield behind the rearview mirror. A transponder is a battery-operated, radio frequency identification (RFID) unit that transmits radio signals. These antennas emit radio frequencies that communicate with the transponder.
  • What is a Mode S transponder?

    Mode C. Refers to aircraft equipped with an altitude encoder and altimeter. With Mode C, ATC will actually see the flight level altitude on their radar screen if the transponder is operating in the Mode C or "ALT" (altitude) Mode.
  • What is a transponder on a satellite dish?

    A communications satellite's transponder is the series of interconnected units that form a communications channel between the receiving and the transmitting antennas. It is mainly used in satellite communication to transfer the received signals.
  • What is a radar transponder?

    (SART) A Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) is an electronic device that automatically reacts to the emission of a radar. This enhances the visibilty on a radar screen. SART transponders are used to ease the search of a ship in distress or a liferaft. All GMDSS vessels up to 500 ton must carry at least one SART.

What is a transponder in RFID?

An RFID transponder is a special kind of radio transmitter and reciever. It is activated when it receives a signal of a specific kind. RFID transponders are present in smart cards and Radio Frequency Identification tags.
  • Can you read RFID with NFC?

    An NFC device is able to act both as a reader and as a tag. Also, NFC devices can read passive NFC tags, and some NFC devices are able to read passive HF RFID tags that are compliant with ISO 15693. The data on these tags can contain commands for the device such as opening a specific mobile application.
  • What is the use of RFID?

    RFID tagging is an ID system that uses small radio frequency identification devices for identification and tracking purposes. An RFID tagging system includes the tag itself, a read/write device, and a host system application for data collection, processing, and transmission.
  • What is a transponder for EZ Pass?

    E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system. Motorists open a prepaid account and attach a small electronic device called a transponder to their windshield or license plate. As they travel through the toll facilities, tolls are automatically deducted from their pre-paid E-ZPass account.

Updated: 3rd October 2019

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