2nd October 2019


What is the difference between UF and mF for capacitor?

For those just starting out learning about electronic components (specifically capacitors and capacitance), we know that there can be some confusion related to this topic. In short, the answer is yes — mFd is the same as uF- which is also the same as the symbol 'µ' as seen in 'µF'.

What is 104 capacitor?

Smaller capacitors, such as 0.1 or 0.01 μF disc variety, use a common three-digit marking system to denote capacitance and tolerance. The numbering system is easy to use, if you remember it's based on picofarads, not microfarads. A number such as 104 means 10, followed by four zeros, as in. 100,000.

What is the meaning of UF?

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a type of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane. A semipermeable membrane is a thin layer of material capable of separating substances when a driving force is applied across the membrane.
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