2nd October 2019


What is the difference between the past and the past participle?

The difference lies in how the word is put into past tense. Simple past tense verbs always have just one part. Past participle tense verbs have multiple parts and usually require an auxiliary verb, such as had, has or have. (For the verb “learn,” “learned” is both the simple past and past participle).

What is the past form of read?

One very irregular verb is "to read", which is the same when written down in the past tense, but pronounced differently. In the present tense, "read" is pronounced like the word "reed" or "seed", but in the past tense it is pronounced the same as "red".

What is the future of leave?

There are no inflected forms for the future in English (nothing like those -ed or -s endings in the other tenses). Instead, the future tense employs the helping verbs will or shall with the base form of the verb: She will leave soon.
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