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What is the difference between the metric and imperial system?

Imperial units are the old British system (as once ordered by the king, hence the name Imperial) now used mostly in the USA. Yards, miles, feet, inches. Pounds, ounces, gallons, etc. Metric units are the SI or MKS system, Meters, liters, kilograms and all the derivatives with prefixes.

Furthermore, do the UK use metric or imperial?

Since 1995, goods sold in Europe have had to be weighed or measured in metric, but the UK was temporarily allowed to continue using the imperial system. This opt-out was due to expire in 2009, with only pints of beer, milk and cider and miles and supposed to survive beyond the cut-off.

What is the imperial unit of mass?

The slug, a unit associated with imperial and US customary systems, is a mass that accelerates by 1 ft/s2 when a force of one pound (lbf) is exerted on it.

Is KG metric?

The International System of Units (Système international d'unités or SI) is the current international standard metric system and is also the system most widely used around the world. It is an extension of Giorgi's MKSA system—its base units are the metre, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, candela and mole.
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