2nd October 2019


What is the difference between sanity and smoke testing?

Smoke Testing is a kind of Software Testing performed after software build to ascertain that the critical functionalities of the program is working fine. It is executed "before" any detailed functional or regression tests are executed on the software build.

Furthermore, when smoke testing is done?

Summary: Smoke testing should be performed on each and every build without fail as it helps to find defects in early stages. Smoke test activity is the final step before the software build enters the system stage. Smoke tests must be performed on each build that is turned to testing.

Why do they call it a smoke test?

The term originates in hardware repair and has been applied to software. It's intended to be a quick test to see if the application "catches on fire" when run for the first time. As stated above it's just to make sure you don't waste a bunch of folks time by setting them loose on something that's obviously broken.

What is smoke testing in Istqb?

Smoke testing is a type of software testing which ensures that the major functionalities of the application are working fine. It is also known as Build verification testing where the build is verified by testing the important features of the application and then declaring it as good to go for further detailed testing.
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