2nd October 2019


What is the difference between notorious and famous?

notorious. Use the adjective notorious to describe people, places, or things that are famous for a bad reason. A good synonym for notorious is infamous; both words mean "well-known, and not in a good way." The word originally meant just "famous" and could carry either positive or negative connotations.

Correspondingly, what is difference between bring and take?

The essential difference between these two words is that bring implies movement towards someone or something: Bring your instrument with you when you come over. Whereas take implies movement away from someone or something: Take your belongings with you when you're leaving.

What is the meaning of to fetch?

Bring, take and fetch … BringBring means moving something or someone. The movement is either from where the listener is to where the speaker is, or from the speaker to the listener. … TakeTake means movement with something or someone from where the speaker or listener is to a different place: …
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