28th October 2019


What is the difference between chorizo and Longanisa?

Chorizo is made with ground meat. Longaniza is made with minced meat. Many times, chorizo is allowed to be more cured, and longaniza has less curing time. It is my understanding that the main difference is the pimentón (paprika) used in the chorizo but not in the longaniza.

Just so, what is the difference between chorizo and linguica?

It is a fine blend of lean pork with a mixture of such basic spices as vinegar, salt, paprika and garlic. CHOURICO: Made from the same good meats as Linguica, Chourico (pronounced shoor-reese) has a heartier spiced flavor. Its main difference from Linguica is that it is a hot sausage whereas Linguica is mild.

Is chorizo and pepperoni the same?

The chorizo I have eaten, and sell in my business, is more like pepperoni, because both are made with pork (chorizo is chopped and pepperoni is ground), paprika and salt. They can both can be hot, sweet or smoked according to the paprika used.
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