21st October 2019


What is the depolarization and repolarization of the heart?

Depolarization occurs in the four chambers of the heart: both atria first, and then both ventricles. The sinoatrial (SA) node on the wall of the right atrium initiates depolarization in the right and left atria, causing contraction, which is symbolized by the P wave on an electrocardiogram.

Hereof, what is the meaning of repolarization?

In neuroscience, repolarization refers to the change in membrane potential that returns it to a negative value just after the depolarization phase of an action potential has changed the membrane potential to a positive value. Repolarization usually takes several milliseconds.

What is repolarization in ECG?

The presence of early repolarization (ER) pattern in the 12-lead ECG, defined as elevation of the QRS-ST junction (J point) often associated with a late QRS slurring or notching (J wave), is a common finding in the general population, particularly in the inferior and precordial lateral leads.

What is cell repolarization cardiac?

the process by which the membrane potential of a neuron or muscle cell is restored to the cell's resting potential. In a cardiac muscle cell, the repolarization process begins after phase 0 of the action potential and is completed by the end of phase 3.
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