28th November 2019


What is the definition of the Neolithic era?

Of or relating to the cultural period of the Stone Age beginning around 8,000 BC in the Middle East and later elsewhere, characterized by the development of agriculture and the making of polished stone implements. noun. The Neolithic Period. Also called New Stone Age .

Simply so, what is the Neolithic Age known for?

The New Stone Age (Neolithic Era) Like the Old Stone Age, the people of the New Stone Age used stone for tools. Neo is a root we use in the English language, it comes from the Greek word neos, which means new or recent. So, Neolithic means "New Stone."

What is the Neolithic religion?

Prehistoric religions are the religious beliefs and practices of prehistoric people such as Paleolithic religion, Mesolithic religion, Neolithic religion and Bronze Age religion.

What types of tools were used in the Neolithic Age?

Neolithic people were extremely successful farmers, and particularly adept at producing the tools needed for the tending, harvesting and processing of their crops. Tools such as sickle blades, grinding stones, projectile points, stone axes, axe hammers, flint scrapers and knives were all fashioned from flint or stone.
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