21st November 2019


What is the definition of soft water?

Soft water is surface water that contains low concentrations of ions and in particular is low in ions of calcium and magnesium. Soft water naturally occurs where rainfall and the drainage basin of rivers are formed of hard, impervious and calcium poor rocks.

So, what is bound and unbound moisture?

Moisture content of a substance which exerts as equilibrium vapour pressure less than of the pure liquid at the same temperature is refered to as bound moisture. . Moisture content of the solid which exters an equillibrium vapour pressure equal to that of pure liquid at the given temperature is the unbound moisture.

What is the definition of free water?

Definition of free water. : water that is free: a : water that will settle from oil rapidly. b : water in ore analysis that is not in chemical combination with mineral matter. c : ground water free to move in response to gravity — called also gravitational water.

What is the definition of water activity?

Water activity or aw is the partial vapor pressure of water in a substance divided by the standard state partial vapor pressure of water. In the field of food science, the standard state is most often defined as the partial vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature.
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