2nd October 2019


What is the definition of quadrants in math?

Also by convention they are often numbered using Roman numerals: I II III IV. Pages referring to 'quadrant' The Coordinate Plane. The coordinate plane defined with description of x,y axis, quadrants, origin. (C) 2011 Copyright Math Open Reference.

Just so, what is a quadrant and what is it used for?

Early quadrants used a 90 degree arc and a string bob to determine the angle of elevation to the sun, Polaris, and other celestial bodies. The quadrant is a very simple tool that allows the user to determine his or her latitude by measuring the altitude of a heavenly body.

Is the Milky Way divided into quadrants?

Astronomers have divided the disk into four quadrants, usually designated by Roman numerals. Unlike the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta quadrants of the Star Trek mythos, the first, second, third and fourth galactic quadrants are centred on the Sun rather than the galactic nucleus.
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