6th October 2019


What is the danger of a short circuit?

short circuit means high current A short circuit is an electric circuit offering little or no resistance to the flow of electrons. Short circuits are dangerous with high voltage power sources because the high currents encountered can cause large amounts of heat energy to be released.

Hereof, what is the current in a short circuit?

A short circuit is simply a low resistance connection between the two conductors supplying electrical power to any circuit. This results in excessive current flow in the power source through the 'short,' and may even cause the power source to be destroyed.

What is the current flowing through a short circuit?

So, more current flows through the resistor with less resistance and vice versa. Current still flows through the greater resistance. So most current flows through the path of least resistance. In the case of a short circuit, one of the Rs is (nearly) zero, and thus (almost) all the current flows through it.

What happens when a short circuit occurs in an electrical circuit?

Examples. A common type of short circuit occurs when the positive and negative terminals of a battery are connected with a low-resistance conductor, like a wire. With a low resistance in the connection, a high current will flow, causing the delivery of a large amount of energy in a short period of time.
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