2nd October 2019


What is the cryogenic process?

A cryogenic treatment is the process of treating workpieces to cryogenic temperatures (i.e. below −190 °C (−310 °F)) in order to remove residual stresses and improve wear resistance on steels.

How much does it cost to do cryonics?

I heard Cryonics is supposed to be incredibly expensive. Good news: you heard wrong! With CI, the minimum fee for cryopreservation at CI (which includes vitrification perfusion and long term storage) is $28,000 — a one-time fee, due at time of death.

What is cryogenic condition?

For temperatures below ambient, the form distinguishes between “less than ambient temperature but not cryogenic” and “cryogenic conditions.” Some gases are stored under “cryogenic conditions,” which means that they are stored at very low temperatures (-130 degrees Fahrenheit or less).
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