What is the control room in a recording studio?

The typical recording studio consists of a room called the "studio" or "live room", where instrumentalists and vocalists perform; and the "control room", where sound engineers sometimes with producer(s) as well operate either professional audio mixing consoles or computers (post 1980s) with specialized software suites

What is the master control room used for?

Master control is the technical hub of a broadcast operation common among most over-the-air television stations and television networks. It is distinct from a production control room (PCR) in television studios where the activities such as switching from camera to camera are coordinated.
  • What is MCR stand for?

    MCRMinimum Capital Requirement
    MCRMemory Card Reader
    MCRManchester, England (airport code)
    MCRMaster Control Room
  • What is a medical MCR?

    Medical care ratio (MCR), also known as medical cost ratio, medical loss ratio, and medical benefit ratio, is a metric used in managed health care and health insurance to measure medical costs as a percentage of premium revenues.
  • What is the power of an engine?

    Engine power or horsepower is the maximum power that an engine can put out. It can be expressed in kilowatts or horsepower. The power output depends on the size and design of the engine, but also on the speed at which it is running and the load or torque.

What does a security control room operator do?

Role Responsibility: As a Control Room Officer, you will coordinate security activities at the location, assist in access control through closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring, serve as communications center for security operations, and maintain constant monitoring of the alarm systems.
  • Can the police come into your house?

    The police can come into your house or flat if they have an entry warrant, whether you agree to them coming in or not. A warrant is an official court document issued by a judge or some other court official, often a court registrar.
  • Who do you call if you lock your keys in your car?

    Here's what you can do to stay calm and get help on the way.
    1. Dial 911. Safety comes first; so don't hesitate to call 911 if you think you're in danger.
    2. Call for roadside assistance.
    3. Call a tow truck.
    4. Get a temporary key.
    5. Keep an extra key handy.
    6. Buy a car with benefits.
    7. Keyless.
  • What does AAA offer you?

    When you think of AAA, you probably think of towing. Turns out, a AAA membership also gets you discounts, financial services, and other perks. AAA is a not-for-profit member service organization comprised of motor clubs throughout North America.

What is a fire control room?

Fire Control Room. Located inside the building, the Fire Control Room is the nerve center for the building. Located here are the controls for the building's fire protection systems, fire pump, secondary water supply, air-handling systems, stairwell door controls, communications and elevator controls.
  • Why is it called the kitchen?

    Although a room where food is cooked is called a kitchen, the words cook and kitchen are so different that it is surprising to learn that they both come from the same source. Both words can be traced to the Latin verb coquere, meaning “to cook.” This became Middle English kichene and finally modern English kitchen.
  • What is a Type 4 hair?

    Type 4 Kinky Hair: Type 4 is “kinky” or more appropriately full of tight coils (tightly curled hair). Typically, Type 4 hair is also extremely wiry and fragile. Type 4B hair has a less defined pattern of curls and looks more like a “Z” as the hair bends with very sharp angles.
  • What is Type 3 curly hair?

    Type 3: Curly Hair. Type 3 curly hair ranges from a light curl to tight, curly tendrils, and usually have a combination of textures. They are defined and springy, with more height and volume at the root than type 2s.

Updated: 28th November 2019

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