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What is the chroma of a color?

Hue: the common distinction between colors positioned around a color wheel (which is, strictly, a Hue wheel) Value: the quality lightness or darkness. That is, black is a dark value or low value. White is a light value or high value. Chroma: the quality of a color's purity, intensity or saturation.

Furthermore, what is the saturation of a color?

Color saturation refers to the intensity of color in an image. In technical terms, it is the expression of the bandwidth of light from a source. The term hue refers to the color of the image itself, while saturation describes the intensity (purity) of that hue.

What is saturation in art?

Saturation is also referred to as “intensity” and “chroma.” It refers to the dominance of hue in the color. On the outer edge of the hue wheel are the 'pure' hues. As you move into the center of the wheel, the hue we are using to describe the color dominates less and less.

What is the difference between hue and saturation?

Hue is therefore the actual color. Brightness refers to how much white (or black) is mixed in the color while Saturation indicates the amount of grey in a color. A saturation value of 0 indicates mostly grey while 100% luminosity (or L = 255) is white (see charts).
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