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What is the charge of bromine?


Accordingly, which elements are cations?

Positive and Negative Ions: Cations and Anions
  • The alkali metals (the IA elements) lose a single electron to form a cation with a 1+ charge.
  • The alkaline earth metals (IIA elements) lose two electrons to form a 2+ cation.
  • Aluminum, a member of the IIIA family, loses three electrons to form a 3+ cation.
  • The halogens (VIIA elements) all have seven valence electrons.

Is cathode negatively charged?

Both have an anode and a cathode. A battery is a charge-separating device. It stores electric energy by separating cations (positively-charged ions) and anions (negatively-charged ions). One terminal of the battery contains an excess of cations: this is the positive terminal (cathode).

What is the charge of po4?

In the Lewis structure of PO43- there are a total of 32 valence electrons. For the Lewis structure for PO4 3- you should take formal charges into account to find the best Lewis structure for the molecule. Remember, PO4 3- has a negative three charge on the molecule.
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