2nd October 2019


What is the brown gas?

HHO, Brown's Gas and Water4Gas is a scam. These scams are based on the idea that you can disassociate hydrogen and oxygen from water using electricity. The result is hydrogen gas and oxygen gas that can be burned together as a fuel.

So, what is a HHO?

An HHO or Brown gas generator is an interesting and often misunderstood technology. The Brown gas generator uses electrolysis to split water (H2O) into it´s base molecules, 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen molecule.

What is HHO stand for?

HHO may refer to: Croatian Helsinki Committee (Croatian: Hrvatski helsinški odbor) HHO gas, a fringe science term for oxyhydrogen with a 2:1 ratio of hydrogen and oxygen. HHO Multimedia, a British audio and video licensor. Home heating oil.

Can we use water as a fuel?

To fuel a hydrogen car from water, electricity is used to generate hydrogen by electrolysis. The resulting hydrogen is an energy carrier that can power a car by reacting with oxygen from the air to create water, either through burning in a combustion engine or catalyzed to produce electricity in a fuel cell.
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