20th September 2018


What is the best temperature to drink beer?

Here are some general guidelines:
  • 35–40°F (2–4°C): Mass market light lagers.
  • 40–45°F (4–7°C): Czech and German Pilsners, Munich Helles, wheat beers, and Kölsch.
  • 45–50°F (7–10°C): IPAs, American pale ales, porters, and most stouts.
  • 50–55°F (10–13°C): Belgian ales, sour ales, Bocks, English bitters and milds, Scottish ales.

Similarly, it is asked, what is the ideal temperature for beer?

The temperature recommendations are designed to assure an optimum serving temperature, accounting for a 2° F glass warming factor. The three categories are: 1.Cold, no lower than 41° F (5° C) Lighter styles of beer — Sparkling wines/Champagne. 2.Chilled, no lower than 46° F (8° C) Most craft beers — White wines.

Is it better to drink warm or cold beer?

Why Drink Warm (Or at Least Warmer) Beer. Many microbrew enthusiasts point out one major reason to drink your beer warmer: the flavor. Even if you don't serve at room or “cellar” temperatures, just a fewer degrees warmer than then average chilled tap (38 degrees) can unlock a wider range of flavor.
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