2nd October 2019


What is the best flash drive?

The best USB flash drives of 2018
  • Patriot Supersonic Rage 2. High-end USB.
  • Kingston Technology DataTraveler 100 Generation 3. Best 64GB USB drive.
  • SanDisk Extreme CZ80. Fast, reliable and cheap.
  • Verbatim Pinstripe. Best 128GB USB drive.
  • PNY Turbo 256GB. Best 256GB USB drive.
  • Patriot Supersonic Mega. Best 512GB USB drive.
  • Samsung T3 SSD.
  • SanDisk Ultra Fit CZ43.

Similarly one may ask, is it jump drive or junk drive?

1. Alternatively referred to as a USB flash drive, data stick, pen drive, memory unit, keychain drive and thumb drive, a jump drive is a portable storage device. It is often the size of a human thumb (hence the name), and it connects to a computer via a USB port.

What is the difference between a hard drive and a flash drive?

A USB flash drive, sometimes called a "keychain drive," also connects to the USB port on your computer. Unlike a USB hard drive, a flash drive is a "solid state" device, meaning it has no moving parts. The data is stored electronically, using millions of small gates that have a value of 1 or 0.
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