2nd October 2019


What is the best comforter to keep you cool?

Similar to how certain bed sheets can keep you cool at night, the material used to make your comforter affects how hot you'll sleep. Breathable bamboo comforters and organic cotton are ideal, but sweaty sleepers needn't stick to these materials.

What is the best thread count for a down comforter?

A comforter made from muslin will generally have a low thread count between 100-180. High quality cotton has a thread count of over 250. Any fabric with a thread count of over 400 is considered luxury. The other consideration for material used in the construction of a comforter is the barrier weave.

Are alternative down comforters warm?

We recommend purchasing a fill with a fill power of 600 or more to keep warm and cozy all winter long. Down alternative comforters are great options for anyone allergic to down feathers or for anyone on a stricter budget. Down alternative can be made from rayon, polyester or cotton, to name a few.
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