29th June 2020


What is the bat test?

The BAT assesses written comprehension and expression, information ordering, spatial orientation, memorization, problem sensitivity, and inductive and deductive reasoning. • It is a multiple-choice test in a computer-based or paper and pencil format. The test is administered in accordance with contract requirements.

Also question is, what is the basic ability test?

∎ The Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test, or CJBAT, is a. test program that determines whether or not candidates possess the minimum competencies required for enrollment in Florida Commission-certified training centers and for employment within the state of Florida as sworn law enforcement or correctional officers.

Additionally, what is the bat test in Florida?

Anyone in the state of Florida who wants to work in law enforcement or corrections must take and pass the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test, commonly referred to as the CJBAT. The test assesses whether candidates have the basic skills needed to enroll in a certified training center.

What does the FBAT test consist of?

Test Content
Three primary sections comprise the FBAT: language, visualization, and reasoning ability.

Where can I take the Florida Bat test?

The test can be taken in Commission-certified training centers, criminal justice selection centers, and criminal justice agencies. The applicant needs to contact the test provider in order to get the specific details about how to sign up for the test and check all the other requirements.
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