21st November 2019


What is starting current?

Inrush current is the instantaneous high input current drawn by a power supply or electrical equipment at turn-on. This arises due to the high initial currents required to charge the capacitors and inductors or transformers. The inrush current is also known as the switch–on surge, or the input surge current.

Similarly, why is the starting current of a motor high?

An induction motor during start behaves like a short circuited transformer. Now, when supply is given to the stator windings, it draws high current at constant voltage as the windings are short circuited. This high current through the stator turns generate magnetic field which links with the rotor conductors.

Why a dc series motor has a high starting torque?

For any dc motor,torque is directly proportional to the flux and armature current. Hence torque is directly proportional to the square of armature current. So as current during starting is 1.5 times the rated so starting torque is higher for series motor.
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