24th September 2018


What is sourcing in recruitment process?

Sourcing is the process of finding resumes within the recruitment process. Recruiters, both third party and corporate, need to find qualified candidates for their open job orders, oftentimes with very unique or niche work experience. Sourcing is many times used to refer to highly specialized talent searches.

In this way, what are the steps in sourcing?

Below is a summary of the 7 Step Strategic Sourcing Process and after that an explanation of each step.
  • Step 1 Profile the category.
  • Step 2 Supply market analysis.
  • Step 3 Develop the strategy.
  • Step 4 Select the sourcing process.
  • Step 5 Negotiate and select suppliers.
  • Step 6 Implement and integrate.

What is sourcing in purchasing?

Global sourcing, a procurement strategy aimed at exploiting global efficiencies in production. Insourcing, a process of contracting a business function to someone else to be completed in-house. Low-cost country sourcing, a strategy for acquiring materials from countries with lower labour and production costs.

What is strategic sourcing process?

Strategic sourcing is an approach to supply chain management that formalizes the way information is gathered and used so that an organization can leverage its consolidated purchasing power to find the best possible values in the marketplace.
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