2nd October 2019


What is solute potential in biology?

solute potential Symbol Ψ s. The component of water potential that is due to the presence of solute molecules. It always has a negative value as solutes lower the water potential of the system. "solute potential." A Dictionary of Biology. .

So, what does it mean when water potential is negative?

A solution will have a lower and hence more negative water potential than that of pure water. Furthermore, the more solute molecules present, the more negative the solute potential is. Osmotic potential has important implications for many living organisms.

Is osmotic potential negative?

And also for this reason, the value of osmotic potential of a solution is always negative since the presence of solutes will always make a solution have less water than the same volume of pure water. Difference in osmotic potentials will cause water molecules to move from a hypotonic solution to a hypertonic solution.

What is meant by the term water potential?

Definition. The measure of the relative tendency of water to move from one area to another, and is commonly represented by the Greek letter Ψ (Psi). Supplement. Water potential is caused by osmosis, gravity, mechanical pressure, or matrix effects including surface tension.
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