24th August 2018


What is Reina in Spanish?

Reina or La Reina may refer to: Reina, the Spanish word for queen.

Keeping this in view, what does Papi Chulo mean in English?

Papi chulo is a very common expression here in the Dominican Republic. It's used for men and it would be translated literally as cool daddy. “Papi chulo” is Spanish for an attractive man, or a "Handsome daddy." I also found this: Papi is a nickname - Daddy.

What does the Spanish word Chula mean?

Generally speaking, “chulameans pretty, gorgeous, lovely. That's the most common meaning. Specifically in Venezuela has a different meaning, “chulo” or “chula” are used to call someone a freeloader. And specifically “chulo” also in Venezuela is used to refer to someone who runs prostitutes.

What is the meaning of Mami Chula?

Mami refers to mum, to a woman that has already been a mum, in contrast to a babe. Let's say a woman from 30 to 45 years old. Chula refers to cool, attractive, sexy. Strictly speaking chula means swank.
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