4th December 2019


What is OTA in travel industry?

The OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) is a self-funded, non-profit organization comprised of major airlines, hoteliers, car rental companies, leisure suppliers, travel agencies, global distribution systems, technology providers, and other interested parties working to create and implement industry-wide, open e-business

Similarly, you may ask, what are the OTA's?

Recently the NFL has let teams have off-season training sessions, officially called "organized team activities" (OTAs). Many teams use the OTAs to help develop players and make them better. These training sessions are in late May and early June.

Is Expedia an OTA?

Expedia Inc. on Thursday said it agreed to acquire smaller competitor Orbitz Worldwide in a move that will allow Expedia to overtake Priceline Group as the world's largest online travel agency (OTA) by gross bookings. "We are attracted to the Orbitz Worldwide business because of its strong brands and impressive team.

What is an OTA contract?

Other Transactions Authority (OTA) is the term commonly used to refer to the 10 U.S.C. 2371 authority to enter into transactions other than contracts, grants or cooperative agreements.
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