2nd October 2019


What is NCR on a battery?

The first look at this new version of the NCR battery - the NCR18650BF. NCR stands for "Nickel / Cobalt / Rechargeable" which designates it as a hybrid lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Simply so, what does IMR stand for on batteries?

IMR Li-Mn. Lithium manganese batteries. Also called "high drain", "safe chemistry", "unprotected". IMR (Li-Mn) are the safest batteries available for vaping. They use safer chemistry, so they don't require a built-in protective circuit like ICRs do.

What is NCA battery?

Typically, lithium-ion NCA batteries use a combination of 80% nickel, 15% cobalt and 5% aluminum. It's unclear what mix Tesla and Panasonic's battery combination is. (The anodes in these traditional lithium-ion batteries is usually a graphite combination, which acts as a host for the lithium ions.)
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