2nd October 2019


What is meant by direct stress?

Stress which are Normal to the plane on which they act are called Direct Stresses and they are either tensile or compressive. The Load transmitted across any Section divided by the cross sectional area is called the Stress .

What is maximum bending stress?

It can be concluded therefore that the value of the bending stress will vary linearly with distance from the neutral axis. Calculating the maximum bending stress is crucial for determining the adequacy of beams, rafters, joists, etc. Shear Stress. Normal stress is a result of load applied perpendicular to a member.

What is stress in a structure?

A structural element subjected to compression is shortened. Stress is defined as force per unit area that the force acts upon. Thus, Stresses are either tensile or compressive. Structural materials are chosen by their ability to resist tensile or compressive forces, depending upon the application.
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