4th December 2019


What is meant by damped vibration?

A vibration or oscillation occurring in a damping medium is called damped oscillation. As a result a portion of the energy of the vibrator is converted to heat energy and thus the amplitude of the vibration gradually decreases logarithmically over time.

In this regard, what is critically damped oscillation?

Critical damping provides the quickest approach to zero amplitude for a damped oscillator. With less damping (underdamping) it reaches the zero position more quickly, but oscillates around it. With more damping (overdamping), the approach to zero is slower.

What is underdamped and overdamped?

The system returns (exponentially decays) to equilibrium without oscillating. Critically damped. The system returns to equilibrium as quickly as possible without oscillating. Underdamped. The system oscillates (at reduced frequency compared to the undamped case) with the amplitude gradually decreasing to zero.

What are the causes of damping in an oscillator?

Viscous damping is caused by such energy losses as occur in liquid lubrication between moving parts or in a fluid forced through a small opening by a piston, as in automobile shock absorbers. The motion of a vibrating body is also checked by its friction with the gas or liquid through which it moves.
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