9th October 2018


What is meant by compensator?

A compensator is a controller meant to improve characteristics of the open-loop plant so that it can safely be used with feedback control. So here, the soundboard is certainly a controller (compensation is a control topic), but the controller is not responsible for tracking or regulation.

Also to know is, what is a lead lag?

Using multiple pumps that run in sequence—also known as running a lead-lag system—is a common way to meet varying pump system demand. Cycling of the lead pump adds reliability in the form of redundancy and increases the lifespan of the system.

What does the compensator do?

A compensator or “comp” is a muzzle device designed to counter the vertical movement of the barrel. The body mechanics involved in firing a gun means that there's a good bit of “muzzle flip” when the gun goes off, an effect where the recoil of the gun is translated into the muzzle climbing vertically.

What is the use of lag compensator?

A lead compensator can increase the stability or speed of reponse of a system; a lag compensator can reduce (but not eliminate) the steady-state error. Depending on the effect desired, one or more lead and lag compensators may be used in various combinations.
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