6th October 2019


What is Mbanta?

A year later, one of the osu converts named Okoli is rumored to have killed the sacred python, the clan's most respected animal. The clan rulers and elders gather in Mbanta to decide on a punishment for the crime that they believed would never happen.

In this manner, what attracts nwoye to the new religion?

Neither father nor son is unable to see and understand the other on his own terms. Ultimately, Nwoye is unable to forgive Okonkwo for his betrayal in killing his adopted brother. Nwoye's betrayal of his father by converting to Christianity can be read as an attempt to get back at his father for his crime.

Who are the Igbo people in things fall apart?

In Things Fall Apart, which is set in Nigeria in the early 1900s, Chinua Achebe describes Igbo culture, which encompasses polytheistic religion, father-son inheritance, farming traditions, and belief in evil spirits.

How does Okonkwo feel about the missionaries?

In reaction to Enoch's crime of unmasking an egwugwu, Okonkwo and the other leaders of Umuofia retaliate by destroying the missionaries' church. Okonkwo had advised violent action, even to the point of killing the missionaries, though the group only ended up burning down the church.
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