21st October 2019


What is maxterm and Minterm in digital electronics?

A minterm l is a product (AND) of all variables in the function, in direct or complemented form. A minterm has the property that it is equal to 1 on exactly one row of the truth table. A maxterm is a sum (OR) of all the variables in the function, in direct or complemented form.

Also know, what is a KMAP?

A Karnaugh map (K-map) is a pictorial method used to minimize Boolean expressions without having to use Boolean algebra theorems and equation manipulations. A K-map can be thought of as a special version of a truth table . Using a K-map, expressions with two to four variables are easily minimized.

What is a product of sums?

The minterms and maxterms may be used to define the two standard forms for logic expressions, namely the sum of products (SOP), or sum of minterms, and the product of sums (POS), or product of maxterms. Boolean functions expressed as a sum of products or a product of sums are said to be in canonical form.

What is a Implicant?

Implicant. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Boolean logic, an implicant is a "covering" (sum term or product term) of one or more minterms in a sum of products (or maxterms in product of sums) of a Boolean function.
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