2nd October 2019


What is LOD analysis?

LOD analysis is a basic technique of Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) used to map traits of interest to particular chromosomal regions.

Besides, what is an LOD score in genetics?

LOD stands for "logarithm of the odds." In genetics, the LOD score is a statistical estimate of whether two genes, or a gene and a disease gene, are likely to be located near each other on a chromosome and are therefore likely to be inherited.

What do LOD scores measure?

Parametric linkage analysis is the traditional approach, whereby the probability that a gene important for a disease is linked to a genetic marker is studied through the LOD score, which assesses the probability that a given pedigree, where the disease and the marker are cosegregating, is due to the existence of

What does the abbreviation LOD mean?

LODLord of Destruction (Diablo 2 game expansion)
LODLegacy of Darkness (game)
LODLevel Of Detail
LODLegion Of Doom
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