2nd October 2019


What is KW equal to?

This constant, Kw, is called the water autoprotolysis constant or water autoionization constant. (Sometimes the prefix auto is dropped, as was done in the title of this section.) It can be determined by experiment and has the value 1.011 x 10¯14 at 25 °C. Generally, a value of 1.0 x 10¯14 is used.

Besides, what does KA and KB tell you?

Low values of Ka mean that the acid does not dissociate well and that it is a weak acid. The same logic applies to bases. There is a relationship between the concentration of products and reactants and the dissociation constant (Ka or Kb).

What is the kb value?

The Kauri-butanol value ("Kb value") is an international, standardized measure of solvent power for a hydrocarbon solvent, and is governed by an ASTM standardized test, ASTM D1133. The result of this test is a scaleless index, usually referred to as the "Kb value".
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