28th November 2019


What is infrastructure in computer terms?

Definition of: infrastructure (1) The fundamental structure of a system or organization. The basic, fundamental architecture of any system (electronic, mechanical, social, political, etc.) determines how it functions and how flexible it is to meet future requirements.

Moreover, what is included in IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructure. The term IT infrastructure is defined in ITIL v3 as a combined set of hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc. (including all of the information technology related equipment), used to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control or support IT services.

WHAT IS IT infrastructure and what are its components?

IT infrastructure is composed of seven major components: Computer hardware platforms include client machines and server machines, as well as modern mainframes produced by IBM. Blade servers are ultrathin servers, intended for a single dedicated application, and are mounted in space-saving racks.

What is the meaning of ICT infrastructure?

ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology (and is commonly used as a European industrial classification). So the ICT infrastructure is an overall name used to describe all the computer and communications hardware and software used to manage clerical, administrative, and management tasks in organizations.
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