18th November 2019


What is Hydrochromic materials used for?

They are also used in forehead thermometers. SMART MATERIALS - HYDROCHROMIC INKS. Hydrochromic inks are those that change colour when they make contact with water. A plastic moisture tester is pushed into the soil alongside the plant.

In respect to this, what are the different types of smart materials?

Types of Smart Materials
  • Piezoelectrics: Piezoelectric materials convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, and vice versa.
  • Shape Memory Alloys:
  • Magnetostrictive:
  • Shape Memory Polymers:
  • Hydrogels:
  • Electroactive Polymers:
  • Bi-Component Fibers:

What is a smart material in DT?

Smart materials are materials that have one or more property that can be significantly altered in a controlled fashion by external stimuli, such as stress, temperature, moisture, pH, electric or magnetic fields. E.g. Nitinol Wire, Thermochromic pigments, Thermochromic film.

What can photochromic materials be used for?

Photochromic materials change reversibly colour with changes in light intensity. Usually, they are colourless in a dark place, and when sunlight or ultraviolet radiation is applied molecular structure of the material changes and it exhibits colour. When the relevant light source is removed the colour disappears.
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