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What is Gravida and Para for twins?

Para OR Parity is the number of completed pregnancies beyond 20 weeks gestation (whether viable or nonviable). The number of fetuses delivered does not determine the parity. A woman who has been pregnant once and delivered twins after 20 weeks would be noted to be a Gravid 1 Para 1.

So, what is Gravida and para mean?

Gravida and para are medical terms that relate to pregnancy and birth. Gravida or gravidity describes the total number of confirmed pregnancies that a woman has had, regardless of the outcome. Para or parity is defined as the number of births that a woman has had after 20 weeks gestation.

What does gravida para abortion mean?

A number of systems are incorporated into a woman's obstetric history to record the number of past pregnancies and pregnancies carried to viable age. The gravida/para/abortus (GPA) system, or sometimes just gravida/para (GP), is one such shorthand.

What does the G and P stand for in pregnancy?

G= Gravida means # of Pregnancy. P= Parity means # of deliveries > 20 weeks , Ptpal (T=term,preterm,abortion, live child) Term= > 37 wks,< 42 wks, or >2500 gms. Preterm= 20-37 wks,>500 gms <2500gms. Abortion= <20 weeks, <500gms,<25cm.
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