26th November 2019


What is general need description?

The stage in the business buying process in which a company describes the general characteristics and quantity required of an item it wishes to purchase. See Business Buyer Behaviour. From: general need description in A Dictionary of Business and Management »

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is problem recognition in consumer behavior?

The problem recognition stage in the consumer decision making process has been generally regarded as the event or "trigger" that initiates a purchase decision. It is the precursor of all consumer-initiated activities, such as pre-purchase information search, evaluation and choice processes, preceding any transaction.

What is information search in marketing?

During the information search, the options available to the consumer are identified or further clarified. An internal search refers to a consumer's memory or recollection of a product, oftentimes triggered or guided by personal experience.

What is an alternative evaluation?

An Evaluation of Alternatives is the stage of the buyer decision process in where a consumer uses the information gathered in the Information Search to evaluate alternative brands in the product category.
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