3rd October 2019


What is fungi wet or dry rot or bacteria coverage?

• The amount of property insurance available for loss to your property caused by “fungi”, wet or dry rot, or. bacteria is reduced. Coverage is only provided for loss caused by “fungi”, wet or dry rot, or bacteria if such “fungi”, wet or dry rot, or bacteria is the result of a covered peril.

Considering this, are termites covered by insurance?

Termites may be tiny, but they can cause huge damage to your house should you experience an infestation. Homeowners insurance doesn't normally cover termite damage or removal. That's because termite infestations can typically be prevented through routine home maintenance, which homeowners are responsible for.

Is roof damage covered by insurance?

Most homeowner insurance policies will provide coverage for roof damage caused by unpreventable reasons such as vandalism or fire. Although wind, rain, and hail are covered by your home insurance policy, there are many factors that determine if your damage will be covered, and if so, how much you will be reimbursed.

Is mold damage covered by insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers mold damage if it was caused by a "covered peril." Otherwise, an insurance company will likely not cover mold damage. Home insurance policies usually don't cover mold that resulted from a preventable water leak, flooding, or high humidity.
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