2nd October 2019


What is frequency response analysis?

Frequency Response. Generally, the frequency response analysis of a circuit or system is shown by plotting its gain, that is the size of its output signal to its input signal, Output/Input against a frequency scale over which the circuit or system is expected to operate.

Considering this, what is transient response in control system?

In electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, a transient response is the response of a system to a change from an equilibrium or a steady state. The impulse response and step response are transient responses to a specific input (an impulse and a step, respectively).

What is the system response?

Frequency response is the quantitative measure of the output spectrum of a system or device in response to a stimulus, and is used to characterize the dynamics of the system. It is a measure of magnitude and phase of the output as a function of frequency, in comparison to the input.

What is the difference between transient and steady state?

Similar is the case for Capacitor. Only difference is that Capacitor resists the change in current through it. Steady state is when the state of the system is steady - i.e. voltage and current are not changing (for AC this means RMS values). Transient is when the system is transitioning between states.
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