18th November 2019


What is fast charging?

Quick Charge is a technology found in Qualcomm Snapdragon systems-on-chip, used in devices such as smartphones and computers, for managing power delivered over USB. It offers more power and thus charges batteries in devices faster than standard USB rates allow.

What helps charge your phone faster?

Here are 7 tricks to help your iPhone battery get to green faster:
  1. Put it in Airplane Mode. Swipe up and click the airplane icon in the top left side of your screen.
  2. Turn if off.
  3. Remove your case.
  4. Keep it cool.
  5. Use a wall charger (specifically, an iPad charger)
  6. Plug it into an active computer.

Can I use a turbo charger on a normal phone?

Universally all smartphone adapters has rated output voltage of 5V. There may be a small or minor variations. But the truth is, you can use other brand chargers for your phone. Turbo charger output more current yo the smartphone, so energy transfer per second to the battery is more than that of normal charger.
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