21st October 2019


What is direct audience address?

Direct Audience Address. As a result, direct audience address is now a more common and completely acceptable convention. Students of theatre can experiment with various ways of directly addressing the audience.

Likewise, people ask, what is a direct address comma?

The name of the person you are addressing is not actually part of the main clause; the name makes it clear that you are directing the clause to a specific person. When the direct address appears at the beginning of the sentence, a comma is necessary immediately following it.

Is the word we direct address?

Nouns (words that name a person, a place, a thing, or an idea) can function in several different ways in a sentence. Nouns can serve as nouns of direct address, which means that the noun is used to refer to someone directly. We use nouns of direct address all the time when we are talking.

Why is direct address persuasive?

Persuasive language is extremely important if you are to get the audience on your side. This includes both your use of vocabulary and of specific literary techniques such as direct address and rhetorical questions to draw the reader in and persuade them to feel personally involved and implicated by your suggestions.
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