26th November 2019


What is denaturing and what causes it to occur?

Heat can be used to disrupt hydrogen bonds and non-polar hydrophobic interactions. This occurs because heat increases the kinetic energy and causes the molecules to vibrate so rapidly and violently that the bonds are disrupted. The proteins in eggs denature and coagulate during cooking.

Also to know is, what is the name of the substance that an enzyme acts upon?

Simulate enzymatic actions. Enzymes are specialized proteins that catalyze or speed up chemical reactions within cells. The substance upon which an enzyme acts is called a substrate. Substrates are small molecules.

How many functions can an enzyme have?

What determines an enzymes function?
The shape of the enzyme determines the function.
How many functions does an enzyme have.
One function.

How do enzymes act upon energy of activation?

The activation energy is the energy required to start a reaction. Enzymes are proteins that bind to a molecule, or substrate, to modify it and lower the energy required to make it react. The rate of reaction is given by the Arrhenius equation. The rate of reaction increases if the activation energy decreases.
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