25th November 2019


What is data type and its types?

In computer science and computer programming, a data type or simply type is a classification of data which tells the compiler or interpreter how the programmer intends to use the data. Most programming languages support various types of data, for example: real, integer or Boolean.

Similarly, you may ask, what are the 5 types of data?

PHP supports the following data types:
  • String.
  • Integer.
  • Float (floating point numbers - also called double)
  • Boolean.
  • Array.
  • Object.
  • NULL.
  • Resource.

What are the five types of data?

There are five basic data types associated with variables:
  • int - integer: a whole number.
  • float - floating point value: ie a number with a fractional part.
  • double - a double-precision floating point value.
  • char - a single character.
  • void - valueless special purpose type which we will examine closely in later sections.

What is a string data type?

In computer programming, a string is traditionally a sequence of characters, either as a literal constant or as some kind of variable. The latter may allow its elements to be mutated and the length changed, or it may be fixed (after creation).
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