29th June 2020


What is confined in hospital?

Hospital Confinement means being registered for a minimum of 18 hours as a bed patient in a hospital, nursing facility or chemical dependency facility upon the recommendation of a physician or as a patient in a hospital because of a surgical operation or receiving emergency care in a hospital for an injury within 48

In this manner, what does being confined mean?

1. to enclose within bounds; limit or restrict: Confine your remarks to the subject at hand. 2. to shut or keep in; prevent from leaving a place because of imprisonment, illness, discipline, etc.

How do you use confine in a sentence?

confine Sentence Examples
  1. But he did not confine his attention to abstract inquiries.
  2. In fact, I'd confine myself to a bank vault or a guru's mountain top sanctuary.
  3. He did not, however, confine his energies to travelling.
  4. In dealing briefly with the modern history of craft gilds, we may confine our attention to England.

What does confide in me mean?

confide in (one)
To share one's secrets with someone, usually a trusted person unlikely to divulge them. Of course you can confide in me—I'm your best friend!

What does not depress mean?

2 : to make sad or discouraged Don't let the news depress you. 3 : to lessen the activity or strength of Bad weather had depressed sales.
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