21st November 2019


What is cell specialization in multicellular organisms?

Cell differentiation is the process by which cells become specialized in order to perform different functions. Multicellular organisms begin as just one single cell—a fertilized egg.

Just so, what does it mean that cells in multicellular organisms are specialized?

Cells of a multicellular organism are specialized. What does this statement mean. Cells of a multicellular organism can perform all the life functions the organism needs to survive.

What is the role of cell specialization?

Cell specialization, also known as cell differentiation, is the process by which generic cells change into specific cells meant to do certain tasks within the body. Cell specialization is most important in the development of embryos.

What is the function of a multicellular organism?

Specialization in single-celled organisms exists at the subcellular level; i.e., the basic functions that are divided among the cells, tissues, and organs of the multicellular organism are collected within one cell. Unicellular organisms are sometimes grouped together and classified as the kingdom Protista.
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