17th October 2019


What is cat d damage on a car?

Category D is for the most lightly damaged cars, or those which were stolen and recovered after the owner had been paid by the insurance company. The official description of a Category D car is one that has suffered accident damage that would cost less to repair than its value.

Just so, are cat c cars more to insure?

A Cat A car will have suffered extensive damage and have no economically salvageable parts. Category S - formerly C - this is the one you probably hear more about, as a Cat S car can be repaired. Admiral is able to insure a Category S car but other insurance companies might not be able to.

What does Cat C and D mean when buying a car?

Insurers will sometimes allow cars they have classed as write offs to be kept and repaired by the original owner or sold on to other companies who deal with such vehicles. Category D is used to describe a car where the repair cost was considered excessive, although less than the value of the car.

Are cat d cars more expensive to insure?

Cat D cars can be more expensive to insure and some insurance providers might not cover them at all. However, they aren't impossible to insure and it may simply be a question of accepting a higher premium if you're desperate to get a cat D car back on the road.
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