What is BSA and what is it used for?

Bovine serum albumin (often from a fetal bovine source) is also used as a nutrient in cell and microbial culture. In molecular biology BSA is used to stabilize some restriction enzymes during digestion of DNA and to prevent adhesion of the enzyme to reaction tubes, pipet tips, and other vessels.

What does BSA measure?

In physiology and medicine, the body surface area (BSA) is the measured or calculated surface area of a human body. For many clinical purposes BSA is a better indicator of metabolic mass than body weight because it is less affected by abnormal adipose mass.
  • What is the normal BSA?

    The "normal" body surface area is generally taken to be 1.7 m2 but, in actual fact, the body surface area depends on more than just height and weight. Other influential factors include the age and gender of the individual. For example: Average body surface area for adult men: 1.9 m2.
  • Why do infants have a larger body surface area than adults?

    This happens because the body cools down by sweating at a rate proportional to the area of its skin, but warms up in proportion to its mass (volume). The ratio of surface area to mass is much larger for babies, so they cool down faster than adults.
  • What is BSA bank?

    The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), also known as the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, is legislation passed by the United States Congress in 1970 that requires U.S. financial institutions to collaborate with the U.S. government in cases of suspected money laundering and fraud.

What BSA is obese?

Body surface area in normal-weight, overweight, and obese adults. Values for body surface area (BSA) are commonly used in medicine, particularly to calculate doses of chemotherapeutic agents and index cardiac output.
  • What is the normal PAWP?

    in most patients this estimates LVEDP thus is an indicator of LVEDV (preload of the left ventricle) normally 6-12mmHg (1-5mmHg less than the pulmonary artery diastolic pressure) PCWP >18 mmHg in the context of normal oncotic pressure suggests left heart failure.
  • What does the CVP measure?

    The central venous pressure (CVP) is the pressure measured in the central veins close to the heart. It indicates mean right atrial pressure and is frequently used as an estimate of right ventricular preload. The CVP does not measure blood volume directly, although it is often used to estimate this.
  • How do you calculate mean arterial pressure?

    The simple way to calculate the patients MAP is to use the following formula: MAP = [ (2 x diastolic) + systolic ] divided by 3. The reason that the diastolic value is multiplied by 2, is that the diastolic portion of the cardiac cycle is twice as long as the systolic.

What is BSA in chemotherapy?

In physiology and medicine, the body surface area (BSA) is the measured or calculated surface area of a human body. Nevertheless, there have been several important critiques of the use of BSA in determining the dosage of medications with a narrow therapeutic index, such as chemotherapy.

Updated: 4th December 2019

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